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Generally, we take care of our minds either emotionally or mentally and our bodies, physically, but what about our spirits?  Embracing life fully and being mindfully aware means balancing and perhaps healing on all four levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of life!  What keeps us feeling like we are in limbo or stuck?

Unresolved issues and traumas – big and/or small, even repressed emotions (anger, shame, etc.) can keep us feeling and/or thinking that we are not progressing as we’d like, that we are not meeting our self-expectations, resulting in many feelings of being overwhelmed, burned out, and experiencing physical/emotional pains, etc.

Christine Gatzke, owner of CLC: A Path to Healing, can help you to discover and identify the core issues/patterns/beliefs, while inspiring hope and courage while you walk a more integrated path to your higher essence.  Living life with more joy and abundance; with increased vitality; with feelings of rejuvenation and release; and with an expanded self-awareness, emotional balance, and clearer thinking.

What's New?
New Services available:  CLC: A Path to Healing is pleased to announce the addition of "Skype" services available to all current and/or prospective clients for sessions.  Skype allows for individuals to have face-to-face sessions within the comfort of their own homes.  For more information about Skype and/or to download it's free service, visit: http://www.skype.com/

In addition, PayPal is now an additional new feature relative to session payments.  Inquire within for more information. 

All services include GST. 

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (developed by Daniel Hughes, Ph.D.) is now available in Saskatchewan!!!  DDP is an integrative method of psychotherapy that was developed in the 1990s for the treatment of children and youth who manifested serious psychological problems associated with intrafamilial trauma and serious failure to establish stable attachment patterns.  Most of the clients receiving this treatment were residing in foster homes, adoptive homes, or—at times—residential treatment centers.  CLC: A Path to Healing now offers this method of psychotherapy relative to those children and families with attachment issues and behavioral difficulties (resulting from neglect, abuse, etc).

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