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Dunstan Baby Language Intensive Classes (available in-person or online [webinar] formats)
                        As seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show!

Upcoming Classes

* Classes are available in individual or group format, on demand.  Classes are available via online webinar format.

In-person classes:
Date: TBD

Webinar classes:
Date: TBD 

** see below for registration information.

What is included?

  • New/expecting parents will receive the Dunstan Baby Language DVD box set and Dunstan Baby Notes journal pages, certificate of completion, ongoing online support;
  • 4-hour class instruction (2 classes).  In Part 1: new/expecting parents are taught the first few sounds, and a week later in Part 2: new/expecting parents are taught the last couple of sounds babies' make (see below for class outline);
  • Light refreshments, coffee/tea, will be included (for in-person sessions only). 

Class Outline

      Parents will learn:
  • the 5 cries all babies use to signal their everyday needs;
  • helpful settling techniques; and
  • how to 'tune-in' to your baby and create a routine based on your baby.

Clients' Testimonies

"As first time parents, we wanted to be as prepared as possible for our new bundle of joy.  We decided to take the Dunstan Baby Language class.  Within a few hours, after Emerson's arrival, he started communicating "Eh" and "Heh".  My husband and I both looked at one another and felt so confident because we knew what Emerson wanted.  Dunstan Baby Language has allowed us to meet Emerson's needs quickly and confidently.  We would highly recommend this class!"

                                                             - Elisha and Cameron, Regina, SK


Email Christine at christine.gatzke@clc-apathtohealing.ca to receive a registration form. Tuition and your registration form must be received prior to the class start date.  An email will be sent confirming your registration.

Payments can be made via personal cheque/money order, credit cards, Paypal available.

Kindly note that this is not a training program for professionals.

Looking for a baby shower gift? 

Then look no further!  Gift certificates are now available for new/expecting parents to embark with this incredible system.  Contact Christine for further details!

From the moment you met him/her, you want to understand your baby.  What is he/she thinking?  Is he/she hungry, tired, too cold/hot?  Early on your baby has an innate desire to communicate with you through his/her cries.

Learn the 5 cries every newborn uses to communicate their everyday needs.

Classes for Parents:
For both Mom and Dad Classes suitable during pregnancy and baby's first 12-15 weeks.  Your baby will cry less and settle faster as you learn the sounds for hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower wind pain and discomfort.  This is the only system-to-date that listens for the pre-cries, unlike other systems. 

A misconception is that this system is baby sign language, that it is not - babies can only learn sign language from 6 months and up, whereas this system focuses on the very first pre-cry babies make from the womb (from day 1).

Classes are being taught either in person (if residing within SK) and online (through webinar format) - all participants can see the instructor from their own locations.  If in the event you live in a rural area, are bed-bound due to pregnancy complications, and/or are not comfortable with a group format, in person, etc, webinars are the perfect solution in obtaining beneficial information for the whole family! 

Benefits for You and Baby:
Parents around the world speak of how learning the Dunstan Baby Language changes their lives.  Being able to listen and understand your baby's needs will deepen the bond with your child, and ease some of the pressure and stress felt by most parents.

Here are the key benefits of learning the System:
  • correctly identity and address the basic needs of your baby;
  • your infant will cry less, settle more easily, and have more uninterrupted sleep;
  • experience an increase in satisfaction, self-esteem and a corresponding belief in your abilities to care for your baby;
  • feel less stress as your child becomes happier and content; and
  • as your baby sleeps, so can you!
A unique aspect of the Dunstan System is that it focuses on a baby's communication in the pre-cry stage.  For this reason, it is an ideal tool to help parents understand and act on their baby's needs appropriately - before the crying (and the parent's response) escalates.  

Research confirmed that there are messages encoded in every infant's cry.  There is a direct correlation between 5 sounds and 5 biological needs.  10 years of cross-cultural research has revealed a universal Baby Language that transforms guessing into accurate and effective communication - with profound long-term benefits.
  • 70% of mothers reported babies settled faster;
  • 70% experienced reduced stress and higher self-esteem;
  • 50% had more uninterrupted sleep;
  • 50% developed closer attachment with their babies; and
  • fathers reported reduced stress and improved marital relationships.
Studies have shown that babies' whose distressed needs are met with sensitivity are more likely to be securely attached and better learners.

The system has shown promising results for promoting fathers involvement in newborn care.

  • 7 in 10 fathers reported a decrease in household stress after using the System; and
  • 1 in 2 fathers also reported a positive impact on their marital relationship.
When mothers and fathers can apply the same skills at the same time, based not on their "parenting style" but on their infant's needs a co-parenting alliance can be truly achieved.  

Learning Dunstan Baby Language:
Dunstan Baby Language is ideal for parents to learn during pregnancy or the first 12 weeks post-birth.  Christine Gatzke, Canada's first Certified Dunstan Baby Educator will be happy to answer questions and discuss class content.

Thank you for your interest in learning the Dunstan Baby Language System!

Interested in a free presentation?  Christine Gatzke offers a free introduction presentation to the Dunstan Baby Language system (Dunstan Baby Express), suitable for social groups, parenting groups, moms' groups, etc.).  Call for more information!

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